mission CARDS

Arrange them face down and choose one to determine the value of pawns to play onto the gameboard.

Catch Tray & Fulcrum

The gameboard is balanced on a rubber ball fulcrum. Pieces that fall into the catch tray can be strategically traded.


Precision calibrated pawns that indicate their weight and value. Stack 'em, trade 'em, spread 'em out or hang 'em off the edge.

Game Components


They are pieces you win when you reach the Atmosphere Ring. Use them strategically to counterbalance the game deck. They are worth 2 points.


A tool to use for those delicate risky moves.

space junk

Penalty pieces you get when you crash the deck or cannot play a Misssion Card. They are worth -6 points.


They are pieces you win when you reach the Atmosphere Ring. They can be stacked between pawns to block them from adding together. They are worth 2 points.

planet Claim cards

Cards needed to activate the Play Again Zones. They are worth 1 point.

An abstract game that combines

strategy & tactics with skill & intuition.