4 Different concentric zones of increasing risk & reward to deploy your ships onto.


‚ÄčPrecision calibrated pawns that indicate their weight and value. Get rid of 'em, stack 'em or trade 'em strategically to win.

A balancing game that combines

strategy & tactics with skill & intuition.


Reach the Milky Way to obtain an Anti-Matter Device. It can be stacked onto a spaceship to reduce it's value to "0". 

Catch Tray & Fulcrum

The game deck is balanced on a rubber ball fulcrum. Ships that fall into the catch tray can be strategically traded.


Reach the Milky Way to capture an Anti-Gravity Device. Use them to counterbalance the game deck to your advantage.

Game Components

planet DEEDS

Deploy your Spaceship into an orbit to own a deed and take control of a Planet for colonization.

space junk

Penalty pieces you get when you crash the deck or if a rival dumps one of theirs on you.


A device used for dangerous missions.

mission CARDS

Randomly choose a Mission to determine the value of Ships you must deploy onto the game deck.