planet DEEDS

Deploy your Spaceship into an orbit to own a deed and take control of a Planet.

mission CARDS

Randomly choose a Mission to determine the value of Ships you must deploy onto the game deck.

Game Components


Reach the Milky Way to obtain an Anti-Matter Device. It can be stacked onto a spaceship to reduce it's value to "0". 


4 Different concentric zones of increasing risk & reward to deploy your ships onto.

Catch Tray & Fulcrum

The game deck is balanced on a rubber ball fulcrum. Ships that fall into the catch tray can be traded to your advantage.


‚ÄčCalibrated pawns that indicate their weight and value. Get rid of 'em, stack 'em or trade 'em strategically to win.


Reach the Milky Way to capture an Anti-Gravity Device. Use them to counterbalance the game deck to your advantage.


A device used for dangerous missions.

A balancing game that combines

strategy & tactics with skill & intuition.

space junk

Penalty pieces you get when you crash the deck or have to abort a mission.