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 After 4 years of developing just the right combination of density, friction, size and geometry of the various game components, I've come up with an amazing risk/reward boardgame of strategy, skill & chance that'll challenge your dexterity as much as your calculating mind. It's probably the most strategic dexterity board game of the board-gaming world yet MassGammon only needs your sense of balance, some simple logic and a steady hand to make a move.

 Like a game of billiards, the diversity of the combinations that can occur will make each game you play unique to each other. The rules are designed to make the game-play very balanced (pun intended) to keep all players in contention of winning a game until the last precision-weighted game piece is played. The on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement that starts from the first move and continues until a winner is declared will keep you coming back for many fun-filled hours of face-to-face hands-on entertainment with your friends and loved-ones.

 MassGammon is a game-system that can be played in as many ways as you can imagine. Like a deck of cards, rules can be made for simple easy going games such as "Go Fish" or complicated strategic games such as "Contract Bridge".

 To demonstrate this, the Designer's Edition comes with rules for two types of dexterity games. "BalaBing" is a fun MassGammon game for all ages. It's a 1-player game that doesn't involve the die and simply requires you to place all your pieces in a certain order onto certain boardgame zones. It's great fun for kids and parties and is a very good warm-up for the another MassGammon game, "Greedy4Gravity", which is a strategic risk/reward game that requires 2 or more players. The Designer's Edition comes with 4 sets of pieces but up to 8 players can just need additional sets of game pieces which can be ordered separately.

Here's basically how Greedy4Gravity works:

The object of the game is to be the first player to place all their game pieces into 1 of 4 zones on a balancing game board without it falling over.

Every player starts with a set of their own colour of
Stacktoids, Naughtweight, Dangler and Play Marker. They also get two silver Counterweights.  Fit the fulcrum into the Catch Tray receptacle and place the ball in the cup.

Randomly stack the play markers. Top plays first, bottom plays last and has to balance the game board on the fulcrum. Players take a turn by rolling a die to determine the total value of STACKTOIDS that they must play one-at-a-time onto the game board…no more and no less. Any combination of numbers can be used to make up the total. When
stacked, they add together to make a sum. A player can stack their own pieces or any other Stacktoid already on the game board. A player's turn ends as soon as they play what they rolled. If a player cannot play for any reason or do not want to play (eg: if the game board will crash), they must pick up one STACKTOID of the same colour from the game board and/or catch tray or one DEADWEIGHT penalty piece. Play continues to the next player. If the game board crashes, the player responsible has to re-balance it for the next player, pick up two DEADWEIGHTS then conceal the play markers which are then chosen randomly and stacked on top of the crasher's marker. Play continues with all players' remaining pieces. If any pieces fall off a balanced game board, only one DEADWEIGHT penalty is issued and play continues without changing the order. Instead of taking a turn, a player can trade one STACKTOID for the equivalent value of lesser STACKTOIDS of the same colour (eg. two RED 2's for one RED 4) from the catch tray. A player’s turn ends as soon as the value of what they rolled is played. The first player without any pieces left to play including Counterweights, Naughtweight and Deadweights wins! 


 There's definitely a learning-curve for this board-gaming "sport" as there is for any sport. MassGammon hones your dexterity skills while sharpening your calculating mind. I suggest playing Greedy4Gravity three times in a row to get a "feel" of the weights and get an understanding of the game-play in order to formulate strategies. I hope you enjoy playing as much as I do. I'm still discovering different combinations of moves to make...I still can't decide on which winning strategy is best to use and each and every game I ever played has never been the same as any of the games before it.


  This Designer's Edition of MassGammon has been handcrafted by me with help from Joanne Collar and her artistic flair. It takes over 30 hours of 3D printing, 10 hours to calibrate the gamepieces, produce the graphics and assemble the parts to make one game.

 I hope to get recognized by an editor, publisher or investor to mass produce MassGammon for the masses. This limited edition will help towards my goal to get MassGammon "on the map" of dexterity boardgaming.


"Life is a balancing game of risk versus reward"


Thanks for your support,

    Herb Stanway

   MassGammon Creator


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