Crash Factor is an abstract strategy game that includes dexterity and calculated risk.

    Herb Stanway

   Crash Factor Creator

Thank you for checking out Crash Factor....Winner of the 2018 Canadian Game Design Award, one of the Top 5 Finalists of Plateau d'Or 2016 ​and Mondial des Jeux 2017 ​Protolab Contest.

 After 5 years of developing just the right combination of density, friction, size and geometry of the various game components, I've come up with an amazing risk/reward boardgame of strategy, calculated risk, skill & chance that'll challenge your dexterity as much as your calculating mind. It's probably the most strategic dexterity board game of the board-gaming world yet Crash Factor only needs your sense of balance, some simple logic and a steady hand to make a move.

 The diversity of the combinations that can occur will make each game you play unique to each other. The rules are designed to make the game-play very balanced (pun intended) to keep all players in contention of winning a game until the last precision-weighted game piece is played. The on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement that starts from the first move and continues until a winner is declared will keep you coming back for many fun-filled hours of face-to-face hands-on entertainment with your friends and loved-ones.

"Life is a balancing game of risk versus reward"