The Legend of Crash Factor and the Floating Island

 Before the Great Flood there existed civilisations far more advanced than ours that were wiped out by the global catastrophe. their existence is only known by the evidence of ancient colossal stone structures built all over the planet that were aligned to the constellations as if they were antennas for Cosmic Energy.

 At the time of the great flood the gods created a floating island aligned with the constellations of Orion, Pleiades, Cygnus and Sirius to serve as the last refuge of dry land for mankind.

 Alas, there were continents of people on the planet but only a floating island of dry land on which to live.

 To insure that only the wisest and most talented people survive, the gods summoned tribes from the 4 corners of the world to compete in building stone structures on the floating island. The first tribe to skillfully align all their stones on the island would be the chosen ones to save mankind's existence.

 They were instructed to bring a certain amount of their precisely carved stones of various masses, the tools to manipulate them and to be prepared to align & stack them skillfully.

 On the night before the competition was to begin, all the wisest and most skillful members of each tribe arrived at the shores of the floating island in their great sailing vessels carrying their precious cargo of precisely carved stones and tools.

 They awoke the next morning to find the floating island totally covered by an immense crop circle that had magically appeared.

 The strange markings consisted of yellow, black and white zones covered by stars and numbered concentric circles.

 The Gods proclaimed that he who lays down a final stone in a yellow zone aligned with a constellation will be instantly energized to place more stones. That the black zone is a battlefield for hindering your opponent but the white zone is a sure and safe haven for all. That he who causes a collapse or fails to lay down a stone will be punished. That he who lays down a final stone hanging off the edge of the shore would be forgiven of one failure previously committed.

 Just before the gods departed to the safety of the cosmos they also advised the tribes to take heed of the numbered circles and that 20 is the key to their survival.


 The game of Crash Factor applies the same ancient knowledge that was used to save mankind's existence.
 Can you figure out why 20 is the key and do you have the skill and cunning to risk using it for your own survival?